‘Arrested Developer’ Delays New Season of Hit TV Show

LOS ANGELES – In light of recent adverse weather patterns the new season of the premiere comedic television show has been delayed. The producer of ‘Arrested Developer’ was not available for comment but research indicates that the show’s GitHub account has been scrubbed, and its ENS handle is no longer available for use.

Television show delays are not uncommon, but this particular delay involved the uncanny presence of a tornado, which ripped through the set at Culver Studios in Culver City, California, destroying camera equipment, lights, makeup, and injuring at least two production assistants.

One gaffer commented, “I could barely get my hardware wallets off the set in time, and now there are rumors that the show might have to continue in another country. I don’t think I can afford an apartment in Dubai.”

The attorney filing the insurance claim from the force majeur for Arrested Developer has said that if the claim is not accepted they intend to appeal and even take it to court if necessary, “We’ll fight this issue, if necessary, all the way to the Supreme Court. Tornadoes are not humans. This was not our fault.”

Whether or not the issue rises to the highest level of authority in America, the point stands that the show must go on. On the ground reports indicate that before the new season of this hit TV was delayed by this event, many unreleased episodes were downloaded, and are currently still available via P2P platforms.

The producer of Arrested Developer was also rumored to be actively scouting new locations for the upcoming season.


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