Petty Thugs Look for Curve CEO

LONDON — Curve CEO Michael Egorov owes money all over the blockchain. The DeFI guru is 80 M in debt, leveraged to his eyeballs, and staring down the barrel of a margin call shotgun.

Blockchains, and their protocol's, are notorious for being "unhuman", that is strictly ran on code. However, given the outsized position of Egorov's debt he now has several petty thugs passing his photo around town, and asking if, "anybody has seen him."

Unfortunately the thugs are not that bright, and they are using his PFP as a most recent photo. Egorov notoriously sports a BAYC X profile pic, and so simply has to not where an ape costume around London to remain safe from his knee-cap seeking creditors.

Former BlockFi Marketing Director, Ingrid Salamon commented on the event, "Michael basically took half of all of Curves tokens and deposited them into any pool that would quote, "accept his money", pulling as much ethereum and stablecoins back as he possibly could. The whole castle is built on leverage, and if CRV goes down, DeFi could follow suit."

Then she added, "If DeFi were jenga, Egorov's move is like pulling one of the bottom three pieces out with a jiggly hand and your eyes closed."

Egorov was last seen hiding out in the metaverse.

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