A Degen Event Only a Mother Could Love

HOBOKEN — Mere miles from NFTNYC, just across the Hudson, an inaugural "NFT" event of a different sort was minting success.

The vibe was electric and the high cut jeans were out in full force for the first annual Moms of Degens held April 13-14th, 2023 at the prestigious Hoboken Elk's Club.

Attendees were greeted by staff at the door with looks of solidarity and a stylish hand-knitted swag bag containing super-saver coupons, a t-shirt for the hubby, tissue, and a paper passport book to collect stamps, stickers and signatures from others as a kind of proof of attendance, among other goodies.

There were guest speakers, vendors, and chardonnay that seemingly never stopped flowing, as conversation and LFG lemon bars were enjoyed by all. Some of the most popular talks included "Wen Prius?" and "Signs Your Little Degen is NGMI".

"They had this handy little cheat sheet to help us with the terminology. It turns out I am raising a soy boy, but it's probably nothing. Did I say that right? I am still, um, doing my own research," shared event goer Sandy Johnson.

Others shared their own heartwarming anecdotes. "My son would be locked in his room for hours chanting pump, pump, pump, pump. It was all very concerning. It still is, but at least now I have some context. Thanks MoDs!"

Karen Williams took full advantage of the event’s educational opportunities. "I would only ever see my daughter for the holidays. She wouldn't stop talking about her jpeg podcast and booking high-profile PFPs. I had no idea what any of that meant. Now, I do."

"I used to think OpenSea was some sort of underground drug market. Boy was I wrong about ‘sweeping the floor’!" exclaimed Bethany Lee, now proud mother of two Doodles.

On the last day after all of the bingo cards were turned in and the last cake was auctioned, we were able to catch up with the event organizer Anne Fogarty. "We really wanted to create a safe space to educate and talk about our children's degeneracy behind their backs. I think we minted a 1 of 1," she snorted.

A 1 of 1 indeed.

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