ETHDenver’s BUIDLathon Creates Eight New Projects That No One Knows the Legality Of

DENVER — This year’s BUIDLathon funded eight new incredible Ethereum projects that may or may not be legal.

“Legality is for the politicians and courts to decide,” one BUIDLathon judge said. “In the meantime, we are committed to recognizing the very best ideas in the ETHco-system and that’s exactly what we’ve done with this year’s finalists.”

8. Russian Roulette

The winner of this year’s eighth-biggest prize purse was a lending protocol called “Russian Roulette” where 9/10 transactions go to support Ukraine but 1/10 go to supporting Russia.

7. Hard Wallet Gravestones

In seventh place was the blueprint for a physical product: “Hard Wallet Gravestones.” Gravestones can be set to display the deceased’s favorite NFT, their ENS address, or their wallet value at time of death.

6. Wash Sail

In sixth place was a dapp called “Wash Sail” that harvests tax losses for you on OpenSea and then returns your assets 31 days later, once the “wash sale” time period has expired.

5. Tornado Cash but for NFTs

In fifth place was the aptly-named “Tornado Cash but for NFTs”. No further explanation necessary.

4. $NFA + $PINAS

In fourth place was a project that created twin cryptocurrencies in the style of LUNA/TERRA: a capped-supply coin called “Not Financial Advice” ($NFA) paired with the algorithmic stablecoin “Probably Is Not A Security” ($PINAS).

3. YouTube Channel

The third-biggest purse was granted to the event’s first-ever pitch for a YouTube channel: a Bravo-style reality show called “Bitches of the Blockchain”.

2. Sentient Neural Network

The second-place prize and the purse of $500,000 was given to the team who developed a neural network that thinks it’s Vitalik.

1. Bear Market Victims

The event’s big winner - and the project that took home over $1.5 million in ETH - was a Kickstarter for SBF’s parents.

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