Crypto Whales Face Extinction

INTERNATIONAL WATERS — In the depths of Twitter Blue, there exists a reclusive and often misunderstood species known as the "crypto whale." The scientific community knows relatively little about these digital behemoths, but one thing is certain: they may soon face extinction.

These majestic creatures once openly roamed the OpenSeas, wielding immense power and influence in both the Pacific and Atlantic crypto markets with their vast amounts of digital assets.

However, recent research suggests they became too comfortable on their early adopter thrones failing to understand what others in the ecosystem know this vast digital kingdom is built on: the social layer.

The crypto whale's propensity for reclusive, self-serving, anti-social behavior has resulted in the population experiencing a drastic decline in the birth rate. This combined with price volatility, mass liquidations and erratic token migration behavior threaten the existence of these crypto leviathans.

This once mighty creature, accustomed to riding the tides of the market, now lays stranded and vulnerable, and the survival of the species depends on striking a delicate balance between the whales, natives, degens, traders and tourists alike as their extinction threatens us all.

By educating the crypto whale and encouraging socialization and the occasional adult beverage, we can strive to maintain the diversity and vitality of the crypto ecosystem for generations to come.

Don't let your local whale get beached.

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