If The Real Profit Was The Friends We Made Along The Way Can I Still Get My Initial Investment Back?

OPINION — When I saw the team and the community I knew this project was something special.

We support each other on Twitter, make each other laugh in the Discord, and are lovestakingly building our beautiful shared future.

A bear market isn’t scary. We’ve got a sub-project featuring pictures of bears and people minted A LOT of them. We’re unstoppable.

WAGMI, bros.

And you know why? Because it’s never been about profits for us. So I lol’d and lmao’d when ETH’s value halved.

I meme’d and swarmed Twitter Spaces with silly character voices while the FED raised interest rates and started Quantitative Tapering.

I HODL’d and Diamond Hand’d when our founder was doxxed and turned out to be a twice-convicted white-collar criminal.

And sure, things have started to get a little tight financially. My wife is pregnant and we’re hoping to buy a house a little earlier than I expected. Plus, there was the ambulance trip to the emergency room last month.

But like we’ve been joking in the voice channel: “The real profits were the friends we’ve made along the way.”

It’s one of those things that’s funny and true and funny-because-it’s-true.

I guess what I’m saying is: Is it cool if I just get my initial investment back?

Turns out I could really use a cool $10k right now, but like, in USD and not in non-exclusionary IP rights to a picture of a colorful lil’ dude.

I’m a little under water right now, but if you all would buy my pieces of equity for a little over the floor price and throw in an extra $4k cash, we’d be all squared away.

And I’ll still be here to hang out and crack jokes.

Or not. Whichever option is cool by me – whatever will get us to a deal here.

I’m running out of time.

We were all supposed to HODL. What happened guys?

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