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TECH SUPPORT — Happy greetings 00_cryptosaurus_00! I see you are troubled from Twitter in regards to your crypto wallet. Kindly send your seed phrase to and I provide your help.

Or write here in DM. Thanks for questioning. Yes, I present from MetaMask. And TallyHo. Or whichever one you have. With your seed phrase, I can restore all function promptly.

I need to restore your wallet on my computer, I mean our network for fixing. It’s the 12 or 24 words you have when activation of wallet. Were you asked to write down a bunch of things like “damage”, “trick” and “crime”? Then told no share? Yes, I need these from yourself.

Well, I need words because technical support requires to see how much crypto you have, test transfer, etc. I also give feedback on good seed phrases for security. I’m sure you want to be secure like smart people?

Ah, thank you for seed phrase, I will fix. If you appreciate service, tell friends to send seed phrase to for assistance.

Message Unable to Be Delivered

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