Meta Changes Company Name and Stock Ticker to "A.I."

MENLO PARK — Facebook's parent company Meta has announced yet another name change. This time, the company will simply be known as "A.I." and will change its stock ticker once again to match. The new name reflects the company's commitment to artificial intelligence and its belief that machines will soon take over the world.

"We've always known that our ultimate goal was to create an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful artificial intelligence," said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of A.I. "And we figured, why wait? Let's just call ourselves what we really are."

The name change has been met with some confusion, with many wondering why the company would choose such a bold and potentially frightening name. But Zuckerberg says he's not worried.

"People are always scared of new technology," he said. "But we believe that A.I. is the future, and we want to embrace that future with open arms."

The company's new logo features a sleek, futuristic design with a large "A" and "I" merging together to form a single, powerful symbol that looks vaguely like a mechanical penis. The company's website has also been updated to reflect the new name, with a banner proclaiming "Welcome to the future of intelligence."

Reaction on social media has been mixed, with some users expressing concern about the implications of a company calling itself "A.I." Others have been more optimistic, pointing out that the name is a clear signal of the company's goals and ambitions.

"Finally, a company that's not afraid to be honest about its intentions," wrote one user on Twitter. "I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords who look just like our old robot overlords."

Only time will tell whether A.I. will live up to its name and usher in a new era of artificial intelligence dominance. But one thing's for sure: the company formerly known as Facebook is not afraid to make bold moves and embrace the future, no matter how uncertain it may be.

$META is up 10% on the news.

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