Writing Off Crypto Will Only Make It Stronger Says Keanu Reeves

HOLLYWOOD — Famous cool dude Keanu Reeves talked about cryptocurrency in an interview with Wired, published Tuesday.

The Point Break star opined, "You ever have that feeling where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming? Those who see it [crypto] took the red pill. The naysayers are still dreaming."

The star off everyone's favorite 90’s action movie Speed, though previously critical of NFTs, has apparently changed his tune. "I mean, think about it. If John Wick had NFTs, he probably wouldn't have had to mess up a perfectly good basement floor with that sledge. The dog would have been a metapooch or something. But there were guns in there so... anyway, you get my point".

Reeves, no stranger to charities, then dived into how he became an adviser to the Futureverse Foundation, a not-for-profit charity building a metaverse where anyone can access and create in an open, rich, and diverse world.

Reeves sat down with Wired magazine to discuss the crypto industry.
Reeves sat down with Wired magazine to discuss the crypto industry.

"It really is The Matrix come to life in our world in a lot of ways. The Wachowskis are real visionaries in that respect, ahead of the curve you know. We already have machines controlling our lives. All we need now are TikTok pods filled with pink goo for the masses," chuckled Reeves.

"Maybe that's where we are going, who knows. But at least I will have this cute chubby penguin picture to keep me company. Hell, I can even be the chubby penguin. A chubby penguin with helicopter piloting skills and bullet time. Sick."

After explaining that he still knows kung-fu, the My Own Private Idaho star went on, "I think the principle, the ideas behind an independent currency and blockchain technologies are like whoooooa. It’s going to improve. It’s going to get stronger. To write off crypto just because it is volatile is a mistake. I should know, just look at the middle of my career."

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