Crypto Newbies Tired of Hearing About "Good Ol' Days" from Guy Who Got in Two Years Ago

TULSA — At the “Crypto-Curious” Meetup group, new attendees are already voicing concern about existing member, Joshua Stanton.

Stanton—who’s been coming to the meetup since summer of 2021—shared several insights at the group’s most recent gathering about the favorable market conditions that year.

“PEPE’s nothing,” he blurted out, interrupting three first-time attendees who’d been talking about making some money on the popular meme coin.

“Back in my day, we had a ‘PEPE’ every week!” he continued wide-eyed to the newcomers. “Plus, we were all earning 10% more just keeping our crypto on one of the platforms that paid interest. We were all living like kings and on top of the world!”

To the bored-eyed group of newcomers, Stanton then concluded, “Well, I guess you had to be there. You kids wouldn’t understand.”

One of the three newcomers, Michelle Sanchez, later complained, “’Kids?’ I’m pretty sure I’m older than him. Plus, he returned to our group, like, two more times that night to share about how bitcoin and ETH were more than double in value in the ‘good ol’ days’ and how ‘a guy could just make a trade without the government or big banks breathing down his neck.’ Like, I appreciate what he’s learned these past two years, but he was just pretty much trying to impress us with it or something.”

When asked about these concerns, Stanton brushed off them off as coming from “typical zoomers.”

“They’re just so sensitive anymore,” he explained. “Never told ‘no’ as a child. Got a trophy for everything.”

When told he’s same age as them, Stanton replied, “Not in Doge years.”

Moments later, Thanh Nguyen—Meetup member since 2019—shared with Stanton about the “depression” of 2018-2020 and how they had to rely on Coinbase crypto tutorial completion earnings to make ends meet.

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